One Love Vegetarian

One Love Vegetarian is a Caribbean vegan restaurant that is a takeout favourite just north of Bathurst Station and Honest Ed’s at the corner of Bloor and Bathurst.

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Owners Ikeila Wright and Ras Iville Wright began as a soup kiosk in the Harbourfront Centre’s World Cafe food court, at first serving their corn soup which is so amazing it has gotten its own feature on the Food Network. They eventually expanded to their current– permanent–location in the Annex in 2009.

The Good: The menu features vegan-friendly roti, with your choice of 3 different types of filling–seasoned jamaican pumpkin, chickpea & potato, and textured vegetable protein– and 3 different shells: white/whole wheat/dahl puri, for about $8 each. Their signature corn soup sells in two different sizes for $3 and $5. Three different vegan entrees include a BBQ tofu bowl, curried bean curd & lima beans, and Callaloo (Jamaican greens), which all come with seasoned brown basmati rice, ripe avocado sliced and fried plantains. A large selection of fresh fruit juice and smoothies, as well as vegan cookies round off a solid, home-style menu. The prices are definitely reasonable for the quality and large portion sizes.


We both ordered small corn soups and the BBQ Tofu Stir-Fry as our main entrees and were beyond happy!

The Bad: It’s a cash-only, take-out establishment with only a few seats–but they serve you at your table which is sweet–and they almost forgot to give us hot sauce 😉

Overall: One Love Vegetarian is definitely a one of a kind amazing Caribbean food; you almost forget that it’s a vegan restaurant as well. The flavours are delicious and intense but not overbearing, and it’s a unique cuisine that is almost unlike anything you have ever had before. The staff are very friendly and the environment is very warm and inviting, though small. It is what Toronto has been missing in terms of Caribbean food!

Pricing: $3-$10.99

Location: 854 Bathurst Street (Bathurst & Bloor)

Hours: Tue-Fri 11am-9pm, Sat 11am-6pm


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